Why it’s not my place to tell you “Your Idea Sucks!”

Startup validation isn’t my job. It wasn’t a niche I had a lot of expertise in and even if it was, I’d never put a downer on what somebody is building.

Why I’ll Never Fear Online Website Builders

These tools are great for consumers who want to get a website up and have very little budget or don’t require any bells and whistles.

Why should I know your website budget?

Unsurprisingly there are different solutions to solving problems on the web, your budget tells me how to guide you toward the appropriate design solution for you

Tracking Your Websites Google Ranking

Are you using a tool like Moz to track Google ranking at £100 a month? A bit pricey that!

Own Your Own Short URL

Your own short URL can be a nice personal touch to social media posts, marketing SMS’ and can also be used for memorable links on printed materials.