tracking your websites google ranking

Let’s face it, if you’re site isn’t indexed by Google then you’re missing out on so much free traffic – it doesn’t bare thinking about.

But what if you’re piling loads of work into site trying to raise it’s profile. You’re working on your content strategy, social media presence and making sure your site isn’t being impeded by Google’s latest Penguin algorithm update.

are you measuring the success of your efforts?

If you are, congratulations! How are you doing so? Are you using a tool like Moz to track Google ranking at £100 a month? A bit pricey that, considering there’s the possibility you could run your own Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) checker and receive daily, weekly or monthly reports to show how the fruits of your labour are growing.

OK, so that’s the keywords you are tracking covered. Now how about the words you’re ranking for, but not tracking, I can cover those as well. Curating a list and automatically tracking the rank of those ‘free’ keywords!

Sound good?

If you’d like a custom SERP tracking tool set up for your brand, I’d love to speak to you.