ever wanted your own short url?

Ever wanted your own personalised domain for short URLs like bit.ly?

Your own short URL can be a nice personal touch to social media posts, marketing SMS’ and can also be used for memorable links on printed materials.

short url statistics

At Aspers Casino I recently implemented a custom shortURL ‘aspe.rs’ complete with a dashboard where clicks and locations can be tracked. This is great to see the reach, engagement and how far your content has spread.

Bit.ly offer a premium service where you can have their site do the heavy lifting, though it’s a little steep at $995/month. The beauty of owning your own shortening service is the cost is far less than this and you don’t have to rely on bit.ly being around to keep your links online. As long as you maintain the hosting package and domain your link shortener is on, your links will stay live.

If you’d like a custom short URL for your brand, I’d love to speak to you.