why should I know your website budget?

Around six months ago, my partner and I found out we were going to be parents for the first time. I say we, Kayleigh found out first (naturally) and decided that the best way to tell me would be to write it down and put a generous double of Woodford Reserve next to the note. A celebratory drink, not a commiseratory one – I can assure you.

Some expecting parents may look upon said impending, financial bottomless pit and think “let’s scale back”. Me being ever the opportunist thought more along the lines of “now I can get a four door car”. So I did.

The thing about buying a car is, very rarely are you going to be able to buy the exact model you want. There will always be an extra few letters after the model signifying it’s got 17″ Alloys and a sunroof. Maybe even a few optional extras like heated seats or that moleskin and alcantara cloth for the seats, that match your best suit. If you’ve got the sort of paper to buy a top spec model then you’re doing OK. Either that or you’ve buying a Dacia. But for the rest of us, there’s something that comes in handy when we’re looking:

Maximum Budget Selector

This wonderful tool helps omit all of the cars that you know, you don’t have the budget for. Which brings me onto my point quite nicely.

why should you tell me your website budget?

You should tell me your budget so I don’t show you the Ferrari California when you can only afford the Ford Focus.

Unsurprisingly there are different solutions to solving problems on the web, what your number tells me is how to guide you toward the appropriate design solution for you, and to stay away from those that are outside of your budget. If you tell me you’ve got £30,000 – I’ll show you what a £30k solution looks like. If you’re looking to spend around £5,000, I’ll show you what a £5k solution looks like. If I don’t think you’ll need the £30k solution, I’ll tell you. There’s little point in me selling you something that you’re not going to need. It’s likely to cause headaches for me and you down the line.

If you don’t know your website budget, thats fine. We’ll work on a few different solutions together and we’ll hit one thats not above, nor below, but perfect for your price range.

If you’d like to share your budget with me, I’d love to speak to you.