recommendations work

Remember when you slipped a disc and found a Chiropractor on Google and they turned out to be a quack? Remember the prolonged misery and the arm and leg you had to hand over as payment? Then your friend John recommended a Chiropractor that took good care of him when he threw out his back and you felt stupid for not asking around first?

See. Recommendations work.

The chances are you know someone, somewhere, who’s hired somebody to do something you need at some point. Whether it be a plumber, car repair specialist or a tailor. Put some feelers out. There’ll be a friend of a friend who had a good experience with someone. That will at least give you a group of pre-vetted people to talk to, as well as some information about what these people are like to work with. Also take note of the bad experiences people have had, they matter too. I had a flat roof done last year and didn’t due my due-diligence. Need I say any more?

This is why most of the work I take on comes in through referrals. I love my clients and they love me (I hope), so when one of them refers me as a recommended designer, I want to take good care of their friends too.