I’m currently available for new, exciting projects starting in June 2017.

hiring me.

I understand hiring a freelancer can be daunting, often freelancers work remotely and autonomously to you. Though this helps cut down on a lot of overheads that large consultancies or agencies may have, it can also lead to a little fear about the quality of the work you’re going to receive.

I’m happy to discuss any work before being hired; whether that be on Skype, on the phone or in person (provided you’re in the same universe and willing to pay for travel expenses.)

I don’t outsource any work, at all. I do all of the design and all of the code myself. Which means if there’s a problem with your website, there’s not an endless chain of people I have to chase to get bug fixes done. What it also means is that there’s no inflated rates, as I’m not paying anyone else to do the work you are paying me to do.


I’m happy to work at an hourly, daily or project rate. Whatever is required for your project.

how can we start?

I love working on new projects and have found the best way to start is to open a dialog about your requirements.

I like to start with some basics; outline what your company does, outline what you want to accomplish, and finally, how we can measure these goals. I like to have a clear set of objectives in mind to help focus on deliverables.

When starting a project it’s best to consider your project budget, Unsurprisingly there are different solutions to solving problems using design, whether that be on a new WordPress website build or whether it’s a new Corporate Brochure for your company, what your budget tells me is how to guide you toward the appropriate design solution for you.

If you need a little more, I’ll tell you. If you need a little less, I’ll also tell you as there’s little point in me selling you something that you’re not going to need.

If you’d like to speak to me about your project please get in touch.

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