wordpress powers over 25% of the internet.

With that kind of market share, it’s clear WordPress is the leading content management system on the Internet today. We’ve come a long way since WordPress was in it’s inception – as a blogging tool! WordPress can be tailored to fit any need. No matter if you have a simple blog or a high-traffic corporate website, WordPress is definitely for you!

why use wordpress?

WordPress is more than just a blog, it’s a fully customisable content management system. Meaning you can wrangle your site in to using it’s powerful and simple back-end user interface. Whether you are a novice or a skilled user, WordPress’ administrator panel makes it easy to edit your website.

With the huge number of developers working on the open-source platform, it’s constantly being updated to bring in new technologies, meaning it’s updated for new, fancy server stacks that help your website load quicker (that’s great, right?!) it also means that any bugs in the CMS are squashed – super quick.

i've already got an website, can you convert this to wordpress?

Of-course! I can convert your static site into a CMS led site, meaning you no longer need that web developer to make simple changes for you, like changing an image or adding a new blog post. If you want to add some new functionality along the way – I’d be glad to help you with that too.

why hire me?

WordPress development is by far the most frequent project that lands in my inbox, for this reason you can rest assured that I am well-versed in the best practices and newest features. In fact, my interest in WordPress goes far beyond my job, I thoroughly enjoy attending the UK’s largest WordPress Meetup (WordCamp) as well as local WordPress meetups; heck, sometimes, I even dress WordPress!