search engine optimisation (seo).

I’ve never claimed to be an expert in SEO but know enough to consider myself knowledgeable enough to consult on SEO basics and provide guidance where required.

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of aligning your website and all its elements to the recommendations and standards of search engines. If done well, you can achieve increased visibility in search results and in turn get increased traffic to your website and web pages.

For example, being listed as #3 in Google is better than being on the fourth page isn’t it?

When search engines return search results, they list down web pages, listings, videos, etc., based on their relevance as determined by carefully set algorithms. While these algorithms aren’t made available to the public and can only ever be known to search engineers, search engines do provide legitimate guidelines to follow so that website owners can increase their chances of getting the coveted top spots in listings. They provide lists of standards that can help or hurt a website’s rankings.


Search engine results page is the term used to describe the listing or the ranking order presented to the users after a search query. Websites that practice good SEO receive strong rankings in searches and are therefore more visible to end users. Businesses that are prominently featured in SERPs are more likely to receive quality traffic than those that are way behind.


As you would expect, keywords play a major part in SEO – at one time, all sites were ranked very heavily on keywords but as algorithms got more complex, more considerations need to be made. Today, the key terms remain as the prominent elements of SEO, as they are the very words that web searchers use to get to the websites they want to visit.

As part of a SEO Strategy, keywords can be monitored to feedback your particular ranking for any given set. From this data, along with website analytics I can determine howe well keywords are performing and work improvements into a wider strategy.

social channels.

Businesses that cultivate strong social network presence and maintain visibility in different social channels tend to rank higher in searches because engines now factor in their social network relevance. Promoting content on different social platforms, can therefore help you boost your business’ search engine ranking.

I follow a basic SEO strategy and have always believed content is king. SEO is focused on creating valuable, engaging, fresh, and unique content that satisfies the needs of end users.

The most important thing about SEO is measuring whether your efforts are working

example services.

  • Generating a list of targeted keywords for your website
  • Generation of longtail keywords specific to your audience
  • Monthly SERP reporting
  • Backlink analysis
  • Sitemap generation and indexing
  • Mobile usability
  • Google structured data generation and advice
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