email marketing.

Email marketing is a direct way to approach your audience – especially those who consciously opt in to receiving messages from you.

If you aren’t capturing your website visitors details, you need to be. If the user is on your site, theres a very strong chance they’re interested in your services or products and you need to capitalise on an email remarketing strategy to keep your site at the forefront of their mind.

I can help you set up a way for users to sign up to your newsletter on your website. This may involve filling in a form to request a quote, download a brochure or even directly buy a product. I can work with many email marketing platforms (if you are already using one) or can provide user database storage and a sending service if required.


HTML emails can be a little tricky to design as there’s so many different email clients that you have to cater for. What renders correctly in Outlook 2013 may not look the same in GMail. These considerations and limitations need to be understood in order to create a ‘bulletproof’ email – one that renders correctly in every different email client.

There’s also the consideration of what the email will look like on a mobile phone or tablet, as it’s a smaller screen they shouldn’t be forced to view the same email as users on a desktop – the design should compliment the device, just as all of my HTML emails do.

I’ve had lots of experience with responsive HTML emails with templates going out to upwards of 100,000 customers per send.

bespoke, branded email builders.

Once a template has been created, it makes sense to reuse the code for repeat emails. Some content may change but the lockup and structure of the email will remain.

Rather than requesting a new email from me, wouldn’t it be great if I gave you the template and a simple email builder so you could do it yourself? Sounds too good to be true?

Well it isn’t, I can provide just that as I have done with many clients in the past. Allowing you to create as many branded, responsive emails as you’d like using a simple, modular builder.


After an email marketing strategy has been defined, it’s imperative that any sends are followed up with analytics. I’m a firm believer in the feedback loop and that every possible action should be measured to ensure that the strategy is working as intended. There’s little point in sending emails and not measuring the engagement rates.

I provide reports for any sends completed using my marketing software and feedback on what can be done to improve interaction for future campaigns if necessary.

example services.

  • Responsive HTML email creation
  • Bespoke, modular HTML email template builder for your brand
  • Marketing list building
  • Email marketing strategy
  • HTML email despatch and analysis
  • Critique and advice on your current flow
  • Boosting your current open rates
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